Tribal Zone - Luminate Festival

African Drumming – Playing Live Dance Rhythms

African drumming is all about dance music. We will create and support a funky dance vibe by learning to drum in a way that creates contagious joy and makes people want to dance. Drumming technique, patterns and various rhythms will be covered and explained. Let’s make people dance to your drumming beats! No prior experience needed.

American Tribal Style® Belly Dance

Learn fundamental moves and techniques for Tribal Style Belly Dance, a modern style of belly dance utilising group improvisation. With a powerful, earthy aesthetic with its roots in traditional belly dance and folkloric styles of dance from around the world, this style allows dancers to co-create performances together!

Ancient Poetry Meters for Musicians

This workshop is for musicians who want to expand their rhythmic vocabulary. By drawing on 1000 year old poetry meters of Moorish Spain, musicians can access odd time signatures in a very natural way. Because these are originally poetry rhythms, they flow very in human, natural way despite being in unusual time signatures.

Creatively Capturing Stones

Jewellery making: a special stone or crystal can be captured as a beautiful piece of jewellery. Learn to make a macramé net to hold any stone or item and create your wearable or gift piece. Tap into your creative talents and learn a practical new skill.

Drama Fun

Come along for a fun time playing theatre games, improvising, devising and learning some basic theatre skills. We will start with some icebreakers and theatre games then move onto some theatre exercises such as mirroring and tableau’s then onto some group devising. You will have an enjoyable time making new friends and connections. Suitable for all ages.

Drum Care and Repair

Learn how to care of your drum. You will learn basic maintenance and care for the skin, tune it, how to tighten the drum, how to fix damaged skin, rope and shell and you will also learn how to completely skin or re-skin a drum. The drum is a sacred instrument that needs to sound good to inspire.

Empowering the Sisterhood

What does it mean to embrace our full potential as women in today’s world? A guided journey into interconnectedness; we will create a safe, supportive space to explore and ground our innermost motivation to contribute to the healing of Gaya, our world. For women only.

Impulse and Play

The creative impulse, something the ancients personified as ‘Genius,’ is something accessible to all of us. Through exercises and games we will discover the power of our impulses and playfulness as tools for creation and everyday life. Come play with us and free up your genius!

Living the Harmonic Matrix with Mayan Time Science

A safe space for old and new Time-Trekkers to explore further the Harmonic Matrix of the Mayan Calendars, as living patterns reflected through all attendees. An interactive opportunity to discuss what it takes to co-create living alternatives to the old tired paradigm.

Looking for a Feeling: Intro to Pochinko Clowning

This is a taster of the Pochinko Technique; a clown training technique created in Canada by Richard Pochinko. Definitely not limited to performers, the exercises in this workshop explore your inner creative impulse and help to create vibrant imaginary worlds. Perfect for any human with a love of imagination!

Planting Wholesome Seeds – A playful Exploration of Mindfulness for Children and Families

Music, song, games and exercises to attune young people and their families toward the wholesome power of mindfulness. Neuroscience has shown us that mindfulness supports positive changes in the structure of the brain and nervous system. Together in a supportive group we will explore mindfulness in a fun and playful way. For children 7 years and upwards, parents must attend.

PlayTime – Laughter Yoga and Song

Let’s ring the school-bell on normality and fling open the doors for PlayTime, a fusion of laughter yoga and song. Learn this ancient shortcut to joy and antidote to the stress of modern living. Laughter guaranteed. We will also engage in collective singing and dancing as an expression of the joy that is generated.

Re-Constructing Time as Art

Diving into exploring the construction of present day mainstream Time. Deconstructing Time by looking to the long-term effects of following a Time that does not follow order and how it affects our collective consciousness on this planet. We will look at how the Gregorian Calendar and the Mayan Calendar were constructed. Creative experimentation with order and disorder.

Reo Powerful Stuff

Intermediate level te reo Maori class. It will involve a waiata, storytelling and a memorable high energy ‘work out’ where we create meaningful sentences to create a base knowledge of different grammatical structures (active, passive, negative, emphatic). If you want to extend your reo Maori or just want a place to korero, tena hara mai!

Rhythm Alchemy – An introduction to Middle Eastern Rhythms

Join us as we go on a rhythmic journey through the Middle East. We’ll learn three popular rhythms and the playing technique. At the end of this workshop, will be joined by a Tribal Belly Dance Workshop, so that drummers and dancers get the chance to showcase their learnings and experience a co-creative live experience. No experience required.

Sacred Stance through the Maori Voice

We will cover traditional Maori practices including the art of introduction, song, haka, sharing the breath of life, story and more. Participants will leave with ancient yet practical tools to support them in the way they stand, speak, listen, connect and move powerfully through life.

Sap Songs

Drawing from our ground, ancestry, roots and allowing the song to move up and out. The singer as a channel, resonance chamber, instrument. The song as a vessel, form, sequence, to be filled with presence and gifted outwards. Human song trees as a metaphor that bring resilience, fluidity and connection to the singer and performer.

Sound Concepts of Time and Rhythm

From the big bang to the speed of light, rhythm defines our world. This workshop explores how rhythm permeates everything in our universe and how musicians can start to think differently about time, rhythm, and groove. A drummers most important job is to make time feel good, a big responsibility! Come along to learn some tools to do this.

The Origins of Haka

We will look at the origins of haka by returning to the source of where the energy used to perform a haka dwells, how to harness this energy and then express it. It will help enlighten those who attend with knowledge as to why haka was performed and how it is relevant today.

West African Songs, Drum and Dance

Explore the rhythms of West African culture through songs, drumming and dancing. This is an opportunity for people to experience the joy of moving together and connecting with the drum, doing so to traditional West African rhythms. You’ll leave feeling connected to your body and the your community. All experience levels welcome.

Whakaraka – Ti-Rakau

Whakaraka are forms of Maori traditional games, using implements such as Ti Rakau (long stick) to demonstrate co-ordination of upper and lower body movements, attention to breathing and sound vibration in a collaborative environment for all ages. Come and participate in an encompassing and earthly experience using one of the many art forms of Maoridom.

Women – Sharing our heArts and Presence

Women gathering in a Circle to listen and share, building trust and confidence to share our heArts. Whether through song, prose, dance, stories, channelling. All women are welcome and encouraged to share. Embodying different Art forms, in order to heal the past, reclaim our present moment, and be strong for the journeys to come.

Zenergy Global Facilitation; Powerful Listening

In this workshop we will explore a process called ‘Mining the Gold.’ The purpose of this process is to develop listening skills in distinguishing the ‘gold’ in another’s speaking. Developing our listening skills is an important part of ‘holding space’ and is practiced by Zenergy Global on training programs such as ‘The Art of Facilitation.’

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