Te Ra - Luminate Festival

5Rhythms – New Beginnings

We will be exploring the theme of new beginnings through dance. Our dance journey will be inspired by an atmospheric live soundscape of didgeridoo, drums, handpan, guitar, flute and voice culminating with a relaxing and healing sound journey. 5Rhythms dance is a powerful movement meditation practise that frees the body, opens the heart and clears the mind.

Advanced Acroyoga

Find comfort and balance when it seems unlikely, explore creative ways to leave the floor and return to it, offering more variety for flows and performance. Learn the mechanics and the language of mounts and dismounts that can create exciting transitions between sequences. Pre-requisites: proficient as base or flyer in shoulderstand, cartwheel, some experience with reverse star, handstand.

Awaken and Energise Morning Yoga

Ease yourself into the day with expanding, energizing and soothing yoga postures. Salute the Sun to access your storehouse of vitality and align with the day. Balance with blissful breathing practices and some moments of inner silence. Leave with an inspirational theme to take yoga off the mat and into your festival day.

Belly Dance – Have Fun while Fine-tuning Mind, Body, Spirit Health

Dance as exercise can be a fun, balanced, holistic path to preventative health and empowerment of the sacred feminine energies. Participants in my classes learn that no matter what their shape, they are absolutely perfectly gorgeous. Belly dance is a very old and powerful path to good physical health.

Contact Yoga

Contact Yoga is a fun, diverse exploration of the wide range of possibilities for connecting with ourself through work with partners and groups. Combining elements of active yoga, contact improvisation, conscious relating exercises and partner meditations, together we’ll experience the therapeutic power of authentic connection.

Empowered Activism

An action-packed participatory workshop seeks reframing activism as an essential contributor to the transformation of socio-ecological systems. We will explore tools and tactics for effective change-marking centred around two core themes: enabling and empowering personal sense of purpose; and turning what you love and care about into your livelihood.

Exploring the Dancing Body

Tune in to the language of dance in this down-to-earth tour of your body’s regional landscapes. Explore the expressive powers unique to key areas of the body, expand your individual movement vocabularies across these regions, and gain confidence in synthesising them into an experience of embodied musicality. All levels and abilities welcome.

Heart Space Healing Workshop – Feel the Love

This workshop will help you truly connect with your own inner joy and self-healing ability, the ‘feel good’ of your heart space and the naturally resonant joy, inner wisdom and creative power that lies there. This deeply relaxing and healing session will allow your body to strengthen the flow of healthy Qi everywhere.

Introduction to Community Development and Affordable Housing

This will be a broad overview of some of the elements that can contribute to sustainable, affordable community housing. We’ll look at the benefits of developing at community scale for affordability, three approaches to achieve affordable housing; using pre-fabricated material, kit-sets and yurts, development and a brief introduction to engineering services, and planning with the council.

Journey to the Heart of the Dance

Get grounded, expressive, awake and in tune with the deeper rhythms moving you through Open Floor dance/movement meditation. Open Floor processes flow from participants’ unique mind, body and soul to bring about integration, healing, insight and celebration. It will encourage participants to expand their awareness of habits, explore new ways of being and experience unity of mind, body and soul.

Permaculture: a Rhymer’s Manual

An eccentric experience in ecological edutainment (entertainment that is educational), we will go on a musical exploration of David Holmgren’s 12 principles of permaculture from his book ‘Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability’. This is one way to turn earthworms into earworms and commit the principles of regenerative design to memory through music, mnemonic and meme.

Psychedelic Health

Plant-induced psychotropic states have been commonplace for thousands of years according to anthropologists. Only since the War on Drugs have psychedelic substances been stigmatised. Learn the biology of how various psychedelic substances affect the brain, the promise of some of these substances from a medical perspective, and what science says about how to minimise harms.

Tantric Ecstatic Presence

Increase your passionate vibrant ‘yes for life!’ Open to receive the beauty in the world to enrich yourself and the abundance of your gifts to others. This active meditation incorporates guided movement, dance and stillness to a range of powerful music. Shifts of consciousness often occur. Fun, play, release, depth, expansion, connection, touch and love.

The Vitality of Vulnerability and Warrior Consciousness

We will explore one of the most hidden and powerful issues effecting most men and women in our culture – many men’s inability to feel and express emotion. We’ll look at ways of being in society, by feeling deeply into our non-separation with others – Warrior Consciousness. Let’s raise awareness via discussing taboo subjects!

Youth Jam’

We will groove, share and get to know each other and have some fun. We’ll go on an adventure with our bodies, exploring territories of self-understanding and community. This provides the opportunity to engage with self-awareness, confidence, growth and assimilation, creating connection amongst young people, easing of the awkwardness between young men and young women. Youth 15+.

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