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Cannabis, Health and the Cannabis Law Reform

Cannabis has been used for health benefits for thousands of years but remains illegal in New Zealand. Learn the biology of why cannabis can benefit so many different health conditions, and how to use it medicinally in ways that minimise harm. We’ll go over the New Zealand and world cannabis law reform over the last few years and the ongoing challenges therein.

Community Music Therapy

Introduction to community music therapy, the strength of the non-verbal way of communicating with people from different backgrounds, the importance of the expression and body language of the therapist, exercises and practical examples about the possibilities with every kind of group, of any origin, in whatever circumstances. Bring an instrument if possible.

Creating Ecovillages and Landbased Communities

We will ‘visit’ a diversity of communities around the world, and address some critical ‘how to’s’ e.g. how to build a community from where you are right now, how to gather together the right people, how to gather sufficient resources to start and how to avoid typical pitfalls.

Developing Emotional Literacy and Strengthening Relationships

Do you want to know yourself better and strengthen the child-parent relationship? As both you and your child draw with felts and crayons using outlines of the human body, you’ll get to explore your inner selves. Learn how to put what you experience into pictures and words. We will interact and reflect using mind and body, brains and sensations.

Engineering Services and Working with Council for Community Development

We’ll look at the key options for provision of water, wastewater, stormwater and power for the community and the trade-offs that are part of the on/off grid decision. Also main types of planning and building consents, the whys and wherefores of a District Plan and the Building Act and ways to work with the Council to find a suitable site.

Exploring the Nature of Channeling

Carla Rueckert, the instrument during the Ra contact that brought for the Law of One material, developed a protocol, method, and ethical philosophy for channeling information to aid humanity. We will explore Carla’s methods to guide a group in understanding what channeling is and how to evaluate channeled material.

Female Sexuality for Men

What do women want? Epic sex and legendary love! This workshop explores female sexuality, anatomy and various erogenous zones and is designed for those who identify as male. An informative and empowering workshop for men ready to tap into their innate knowledge, release damaging beliefs and receive the sexual education that they wish they had.

Food Sovereignty

Learn how a multi-faceted approach to localising food can get you out of supermarkets – forever! Find out about attempts to counteract the decline in seed varieties and the rise of corporate control over our food and seeds. Do a bit of hands-on seedsaving. Learn how permaculture and community development methods applied to bioregional food resilience can recharge local economies.

How to Bend Space Time with Art

This workshop will help artists find their creative flow. Let’s look at why art is so important in our lives and how to get creative in a world of technician. You can be a very logical and down to earth person and do great art. Understand the bipolarity between the left and right brain.

Klezmer Culture – Yiddish Music, History, Rhythm and Modes

Illustrations of Yiddish culture and origins of Klezmer music. Participate in eastern European rhythms and melodies through live demonstrations, looking at Klezmer music from historical, cultural, language and musical perspectives. You will learn about world music and musical expressions of cultures, along with how to clap and sing along with Klezmer tunes.

Maori Conscious Connection

This workshop offers an insight into a Maori worldview with exercises that strip away the mainstream culture of consumerism and competition to explore the shift into a new paradigm of conscious connection to Papatuanuku, earth mother. ‘Mā whero, mā pango, ka oti ai ngā mahi.’ Together we will flourish.

Music Journey with the Frequencies and Forest Medicine of NZ Bush

Bridge the gap between music and audible frequencies; and inaudible NZ plant and tree frequencies. We’ll be working with different frequencies of sound to help the medicine of the plant affect deeper changes and healing for people on a cellular level. Leave with an increased ability to be able to sense for yourself how plants work in our bodies.

Music Production Looping Workshop

This workshop teaches the concepts of making music as a band using the idea of looping to make songs.
The aim of the workshop is to make a song with the participants and show them all the various tools they can use to put them together in a pleasing way. It teaches important techniques about organisation and understanding structural components of making songs.

Permaculture for a Regenerative Future

We’re going to look at how to work in harmony with nature to produce an abundance of food in a landscape of beauty. Discover how to integrate elements such as organic vegetable gardens, fruit trees, herbs, flowers and small animal systems, especially within our home environments – with a myriad of social benefits.

Permaculture: a Rhymer’s Manual

An eccentric experience in ecological edutainment (entertainment that is educational), we will go on a musical exploration of David Holmgren’s 12 principles of permaculture from his book ‘Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability’. This is one way to turn earthworms into earworms and commit the principles of regenerative design to memory through music, mnemonic and meme.

Soil Health

Learn what is involved in maintaining healthy soils in order to grow healthy crops. In this interactive talk we’ll look at how soil works and what you need to do to create and maintain healthy fertile soil to grow grass, vegetables, flowers, fruits, ornamentals and natives well. Develop healthy soil wherever you live!

Strengthening the Child-Parent Relationship with Play

Does your child draw or paint? Do you respond with “What is it?” or “I love it!” In this workshop we will draw and listen with each other in pairs. During our drawing process, you’ll discover new information about yourself and how to communicate. You and your child will have a different sense of being seen, heard and understood.

Sustainable Living in the 21st century

Interactive talk on what you can do to live life in a more sustainable way in today’s world.
Ideas for different ways in which we can live more sustainably in our homes, gardens, work and communities.

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