Hauora - Luminate Festival

Balancing the Energy Centres of the Human Body

An exploration of the energy centres of the body, sometimes called chakras, as described by Ra in the Law of One material. We will explore how they may be utilised in our spiritual journeys to express, integrate, and balance our experiences. Includes a guided meditation to help in understanding this spiritual framework.

Chakra Massage

We will do a brief individual chakra analysis followed by pairs having the opportunity to be guided to give and receive a chakra balance/massage. Using a blend of seed sounds with either oil or sandalwood paste. We will finish with a guided chakra meditation. One Yoga mat to share is ideal, or a blanket, towel to lie on.

Communication for Connection

Dive into compassionate communication with yourself and others, where shift happens. Here you will learn new ways of connecting in moments of joy and conflict. NVC (Non Violent Communication) is a practical toolkit to cultivate your values. Understand where others are coming from, see their humanity and create authentic connections with yourself and others.

Communication with Animals

Have you ever wondered what your pet would say to you if they could talk? We will be looking at what kind of information animals share with you, and how our animals assist us in our lives. Our pets may have helped us, from taking physical ailments from us, assisting emotional problems, and comforting through difficult periods of our lives.

Conscious Connected Breathing

Conscious connected breathing (rebirthing) is a holistic breathing technique that enlivens the body and brings about a state of deep relaxation. Entering a trance-like state through super-ventilation can bring about deep healing, release energetic blockages and give insight into ones subconscious conditioning. Bring something to lie on and a blanket or shawl.

ConSensual Contact

Touch is a valuable, nurturing and often pleasurable part of life that is more potent when done consciously. This workshop will encourage and increase awareness in a safe and playful way with all contact fully clothed and consensual. Verbal and non-verbal, movement, music, release, heart centred connection and healing. Please bring something to lie on.

Decoding the Body – a Tool for Transformation and Freedom

Your body is a powerhouse of knowledge and vehicle for transformation! But do you know how to use this well? Body Representation and more will be explored in this fun and interactive workshop. For practitioners/teachers of movement and anyone interested in gaining a more holistic and practical way to more freedom in their lives!


Dowsing is an ancient practice with unlimited applications for modern life. From daily decision making, chakra balancing or talking with your spirit guides and everything in between, dowsing tools are powerful portals to unlock your intuition, sensitivity and spiritual awareness as well as making your life a whole lot easier.

Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness

Do you ever get annoyed, anxious, jealous, disappointed, sad or confused? If so, you are probably human! However, by becoming aware of the difference between emotions, feelings and the role that ego plays in our daily emotional journeys, we can learn to navigate life’s hurricanes and stay safely centred in the ‘I’ of the storm.

Healing your Home from Geopathic Stress

Everything is energy, and your home, which should be your sanctuary, may contain different forms of negative energies and forces which can influence you in many ways. Learn how to dowse for what might be affecting your home and how to easily clear it for the benefit of all who dwell there.

Heart Space Healing Workshop – Feel the Love

This workshop will help you truly connect with your own inner joy and self-healing ability, the ‘feel good’ of your heart space and the naturally resonant joy, inner wisdom and creative power that lies there. This deeply relaxing and healing session will allow your body to strengthen the flow of healthy Qi everywhere.

Herbal Pharmacies

Create your own herbal pharmacy from the common herbs growing around you. How to identify, harvest, process and use the herbs and which herbs are best for which part of your body. Improv theatre will be used as a tool during this workshop to help you remember the information presented.

Hormone Balance

Working with hormone balance the transformational way: New Zealand plant based forest aid. What is hormone balance and are there different levels of this? We’ll look at the transformative processes women go through in their lives; implementing forest aid, NZ medicine plants and native trees, to support this, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Introduction to Deep Ecology

This is a catalyst to meet people who care about our Earth & Humanity as much as you do. Guided through transformational processes you will be empowered to become fully alive in your work for the Earth. An extraordinary, heart-felt journey into enhanced connection and empowerment with Joanna Macy’s ‘Work That Reconnects’.

Introduction to Past Lives

Are you interested in learning about how past lives can affect us in our current lives? Rebecca will be sharing her experiences as a past life regressionist, and discussing how experiences from our past lives can affect our physical bodies, our belief systems and also relationships with people in our lives today, including our pet animals.

Latch On, Listen and Learn

This is an opportunity to celebrate and learn about breastfeeding. Every breastfeeding family has a story to share and those stories are full of knowledge and insight for future families. Calling mothers and fathers of today and mothers and fathers of tomorrow. Come and breastfeed your baby, celebrate the breastfeeding you have done or learn for the future.

Reflexology – Thriving Health for Everyone

Come experience some blissful foot work! Foot reflexology is a simple and easy to learn hands-on healing tool. You will learn the basic techniques of reflexology and gain an understanding of the principles behind the therapy. Suitable for all ages. Bring a partner (not necessary, but nice), clean feet and a pillow or blanket if possible.

Relax, Recharge and Restore with Qigong

This session will help you find a place of deep relaxation and a deepened awareness of and connection with your own life force energy with some easy to learn Qigong exercises. It will finish with a lying relaxation and heart meditation, leaving you in a blissful state after marinating in healthy and positive Qi.

Sacred Earth Medicine Aotearoa

Sacred Earth Medicine is a window into the magic of Nature and our beautiful relationship therein. We will taste and learn of a few native plants of Aotearoa and truly understand how we can move forward in positive, interactive ways with our health and that of our Planet.

Sacred Sounds Collective Kirtan

Open your heart and clear your head with ‘kirtan,’ an active sound meditation practice. Join Anahata Yoga Retreat, Prosad and other musicians every evening for joyful chanting, sacred music, rhythm, expression and dancing in this uplifting yoga practice of singing transformative mantras.

The Art and Science of Breathing

A deep dive into the physiology of the breath, the science of how and why it’s beneficial to learn how to breathe less than normal. We will look at common issues restricting our breathing and how to address them with practical exercises and gentle partner work to liberate the breath.

The Power of Sound

This will combine an exploration of the voice as sound resonance and Nada (sound) Meditations from the Yogic tradition. Explore the 7 tones of the Chakra’s and the mantra aum and use sound to heal emotional disharmony and up new inner dimensions. Participants will learn the foundations of ‘Nada Yoga Meditation,’ using sound as a form of meditation.

Traditional East Asian Medicine in the 21st Century

Learn the fundamental principles of yin/yang and 5 Elements and how we might best utilise these principle to enhance our lives in the 21st Century. Participants will benefit from the huge wellspring of knowledge of Traditional Oriental Medicine and utilise this understanding to increase their ability to enjoy better health.

Yuan Qigong – Ali Kay

Ren Yuan is one of the nine Yuan Qigong forms, which consists of coordinated flowing movements that draw on a wide range of disciplines to move energy deep into the body while also improving flexibility, balance and overall health. Movements sequentially address the five main body parts moving from head to toe.

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