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Notice of Terms & Conditions of Admission to Luminate Festival

Declaration: Luminate Festival (Luminate) is a family-friendly non-alcohol event, organised by Luminate Festival Educational and Spiritual Trust (Luminate Trust) for charitable purposes including education regarding ecological initiatives, music, arts, culture, health, spiritual development, and community benefit.

Luminate takes place on private land, the land is not open access to the public, Luminate is a private event for authorized Participants only.

You are warmly invited to participate, whereby Terms and Conditions of Admission apply.

By attending Luminate the Participant is declaring that they agree to and understand the Terms and Conditions of Admission as listed here on the Luminate website and is accepting that this is a lawfully binding agreement.

Luminates Trust reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions of Admission at any time without notice and the most current version will apply.

Lack of awareness of these Terms & Conditions is not a reason to not be bound by them.


Admission Pass (Pass) – A document with a unique bar-code providing authorization to an individual to attend Luminate, issued by Luminate Trust to certain categories of Youth and Adult Participants, including Supporters, Contributors, Crew, Volunteers, Guests and any other categories defined by Luminate Trust from time to time. An Admission Pass is not the same as an Admission Ticket. The Pass cannot be sold, exchanged or transferred and refunds do not apply.

Admission Ticket (Ticket) – A document with a unique bar-code providing evidence of receipt of payment of the Ticket price. Valid Tickets are issued to paying Participants only by Luminate Trust or by an approved Ticketing Agent on behalf of Luminate Trust. Tickets are generally non-refundable unless required by law. One name change (to transfer a Ticket to someone else) may be possible by request and conditions apply – see below.

Business Supporter – A business or other organization that makes a financial or in-kind contribution to Luminate Trust

Campsite – Designated open areas within the Festival Site for Participants to camp during the festival.

Event Site – Designated area within the Festival Site where scheduled and organised activities take place, such as music zones, workshops, village market etc.

Festival Gate (Gate) – Point of entry for all Participants to verify and process authorized admission to Luminate Festival.

Festival Site – The private land of Canaan Downs in combination with all adjoining land and adjoining access roads used for the purpose of Luminate Festival.

Participant – Any authorized person attending Luminate Festival.

Supporter – An individual person who makes a financial or in-kind contribution to Luminate Trust.

Age Categories of Participants

The following categories apply regarding the age of the Participant on 30th January 2019

Adult:               19 to 74 years inclusive

Children:         under 14 years

Seniors:           75 years and over

Youth:              14 to 18 years inclusive

Admission to Luminate Festival
To participate in Luminate all Adult and Youth are required to have a valid Admission Pass or Ticket. Children and Seniors gain free admission and do not require an Admission Pass or Ticket. Each Admission Pass and Ticket entitles the individual to entrance to Luminate Festival including camping, entrance to all workshops and music zones, access to provided amenities and activities throughout the festival. Each Admission Pass and Ticket issued via the Luminate website Admission Portal is allocated by first name & family name (Name), and the Name on the Pass or Ticket must match the Participant’s photo ID which will be verified at the Festival Gate. Each Admission Pass and Ticket is issued according to Age Category and must match the Participant’s proof of age. All Children and Youth under 16 yrs old must attend Luminate accompanied by an Adult guardian who is responsible for the Youth or Child during the festival. Luminate Trust reserves the right to make changes to the festival program, schedule, activities, dates, duration and attractions at any time and any changes may be made without notice and no refunds, exchanges, transfers, credit, compensation financial or otherwise, will be offered.
At the Gate

Photo Identity and proof of age is required to gain admission to the festival for all Adults, Youth and Seniors. Appropriate photo ID includes Drivers Licence and Passport. Proof of age may be required for children under 14 years if the child may look older.

Entry to Luminate may be refused if the name or age on the Admission Pass or Ticket does not match the photo ID and no refund, exchange or compensation will be provided. The person may be offered to purchase a Ticket at the Gate price.

After the Admission Pass or Ticket has been verified, Participants are provided with a Luminate 2019 Wristband at the Festival Gate which must be worn and clearly visible at all times during attendance at Luminate.

Tickets, Admission Passes and Wristbands that are damaged or modified in any way will not be accepted as valid.

No refunds or replacements or exchanges will be given if an Admisison Pass, Ticket or Wristband is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. Look after these items as if they are cash.

Luminate is a family-friendly and clean environment event. Alcohol is not permitted to be brought onto the festival site.

During the admission process, any vehicle, bags and containers may be searched by Luminate Crew before admission to the festival is granted, and any alcohol or dangerous or inappropriate items will be confiscated and not returned.

Dogs and other animals are not permitted on the festival site with the exception of certified guide dogs and authorized Crew dogs. In the interests of safety to festival Participants, native wildlife and grazing sheep, any person presenting at the Festival Gate with any animal will not be granted admission until they have taken their animal to be looked after somewhere else.

Supporters of Luminate

A Supporter can make a financial contribution to Luminate Festival Educational and Spiritual Trust to help fund the aims and objectives of the Trust.

A Supporter’s contribution is not refundable and cannot be transferred or exchanged.

When registering as a Supporter, personal details such as first name, last name, email address are required. Personal details are handled according to Luminate’s Privacy Policy.

A receipt of payment will be sent to the Supporter’s registered email address.

Supporters who make a contribution above a set minimum value are eligible to receive a Supporter’s Admission Pass to Luminate Festival and can, while numbers allow, select priority access to arrive one day early to the festival Campsite.

Early access is only to the Campsite, and the supporter can set up camp for themselves only. There is no access to the Event Site until the festival opens 9am, Wednesday 30th January. Numbers are capped regarding the early access option.

A Supporter’s Admission Pass is not the same as an Admission Ticket. It is valid only for the named Supporter and cannot be sold, exchanged or transferred and refunds do not apply.

Eligible Supporters will be able to download their Admission Pass from the Luminate website using their registration details to login. The Admission Pass must be either printed or saved to a mobile device to present at the Festival Gate to gain admission. If saved to a mobile device this must be done prior to travelling to the festival as Internet connection is not available for Participants at the Gate.

If multiple Supporters’ contributions are paid for by one person, all names of the Supporters must be entered at the time of payment and the correct age category selected for each Supporters, and the person paying agrees to the Terms and Conditions of Admission on behalf of all these Supporters, which is the same as if each individual has agreed, and the person paying is also advised to direct all these Supporters to read the full set of Terms and Conditions of Admission on the Luminate website.

Admission Tickets

Tickets to Luminate are available to purchase via the Luminate website and affiliated stores nationwide as listed on the website. Luminate Trust does not recommend buying a Ticket from any other source.

When buying a Ticket online, personal details such as first name, last name, email address are required. Personal details are handled according to Luminate’s Privacy Policy.

If multiple Tickets are bought for Participants by one buyer, all names of the Participants must be entered at the time of Ticket purchase and the correct age category selected for each Participant, and the buyer agrees to the Terms and Conditions of Admission on behalf of all these Participants, which is the same as if each individual has agreed, and the buyer is also advised to direct all these Participants to read the full set of Terms and Conditions of Admission on the Luminate website.

Tickets are purchased for the event and the festival experience, not for specific artists or other attractions.

Luminate Trust will not provide refunds (in whole or in part) or other compensation to Ticket holders for change of mind or for changes to the festival program, schedule, activities, attractions, dates, duration of the festival or for adverse weather.

Tickets bought via the Luminate website may be transferable by request to one other person only within the same age category. The transfer will incur an admin fee of $20. Follow the Name Change Request link on the Luminate Tickets page.

A name change request to an online Ticket will not be possible after 10th January 2019.

Luminate is an all weather festival. Changes will be made to adjust for adverse weather where possible. This Agreement remains valid whatever the weather conditions during the festival with no refunds provided.

In the very unlikely situation where there was no other option but to cancel the entire festival, Ticket refunds would be provided as required by law.

Luminate Trust is not liable for any Participant’s or Ticket holder’s consequential loss due to changes to the festival program, schedule, activities, dates, duration of the festival or for adverse weather.

Tickets may not be used as part of promotional giveaways, or contests, sweepstakes or in exchange for service unless with the express written consent of Luminate Trust.

Payments via the Luminate Website Admission Portal

An admin fee and credit/debit card or bank transfer fee may apply to Supporter’s contributions and to the purchase of Tickets, and these fees are non-refundable in all circumstances. Full details of the fees will be available on the final page prior to payment.

All prices and amounts payable are in New Zealand dollars and include GST.

Luminate utilises Payment Express for secure online payments from credit/debit cards and bank transfers. The system is securely hosted and protected by SSL. Payment Express uses Account2Account for bank transfers.

Credit Card and bank details are not shared with Luminate, and Payment Express is responsible for processing all payments.

Supporters’ contributions and online Ticket orders are processed only after the email contact information of the person making the payment has been verified.

If the person making the payment does not receive a confirmation email, or experiences an error message or service interruption after entering payment information, it is this person’s responsibility to confirm whether or not the order was successful by emailing the transaction details to the Support team.

If a Supporter’s selection of an Admission Pass or if a purchased Ticket is in the incorrect age category, the person who made the payment must contact the Support team with full details to arrange the correction.

Travel and Vehicles

It is the responsibility of each person travelling to Luminate to drive safely on the Canaan Road with caution and at low speed. It is generally unsafe to travel at more than 30 kph, and less than this in many parts of the road. Drivers must be prepared to slow down and give way to large vehicles, vehicles with heavy loads/trailers/caravans and those travelling uphill.

Participants bring vehicles, caravans, trailers entirely at their own risk, and Luminate Trust does not guarantee the suitability of the Canaan Road or Festival Site for any vehicle.

Any person wanting to leave the festival and intending to return will need to have a valid reason. Departure is at the discretion of Gate Crew and it may not be possible at certain times due to Traffic or other reasons. A condition of exit is that upon return the vehicle must be parked in the designated parking area for the duration of the event. This parking area is approx 1km from the campsite.

On Admission to the festival, Participants may drive their vehicle to the campsite and camp by their vehicle. Once parked in the Campsite the vehicle is not permitted to move, until the Participant is departing the festival. Vehicles are not permitted to be driven past the camping area – no exceptions.

Only authorised vehicles are permitted into the Event Site. Any unauthorised vehicles found beyond the camping area/in the Event Site may be wheel clamped and/or towed away at the owners expense, and the owner will be liable to pay all costs incurred.

Restricted Vehicle movement

All vehicles parked in the Camp Site are advised to remain parked for the duration.

  • For Health & Safety reasons Luminate cannot allow vehicles to leave the Camp Site and return.
  • It is important to minimise traffic on the Canaan Road and to reduce carbon footprints.
  • Anyone needing to leave the Festival Site will need to have good reason, will sign out at the Gate, and will receive a temporary re-entry pass. This pass is required along with photo ID and a valid wristband to be approved re-entry.
  • Someone wearing a festival wristband will not be approved re-entry unless they also have the required re-entry pass and matching photo ID. The wristband will be checked and a damaged wristband will not be accepted as valid.
  • The returning Participant(s) will need to park a distance away from the Camp Site in a designated non-camping vehicle park.
  • If you are camping in your vehicle and are considering leaving and returning we recommend you think again – camping is not permitted in the returning Participant’s vehicle park!

Luminate is under no obligation to approve people leaving the Festival and returning. Many events do not permit this. Luminate is willing to help accommodate people with a valid unavoidable reason for needing to leave and return, however this has to be managed carefully. Your understanding is appreciated.

Note: A valid unavoidable reason does not include needing to leave to buy food or get more cash. Participants are required to come prepared for camping in a sub-alpine environment for the duration of their stay at the Festival.

Within the Festival

Luminate Crew will be carrying out friendly Wristband checks throughout the festival, and the Wristband must be shown and kept visible if requested by any of the Luminate Crew – we appreciate your co-operation in this.

Every Participant agrees to take full responsibility for themselves and their belongings, and will pack out everything that they bring in along with any rubbish generated. There are no rubbish bins or recycling facilities at the Festival Site.

All Participants are responsible to keep the Festival Site clean and free from any litter.

All enclosed areas such as marquees and stages, all dancefloor areas either enclosed or in the open air, and seating areas in the vicinity of cafes are designated as smoke-free and vape-free zone.

Luminate’s Visual Media Crew are the only people authorised to take film footage at the festival, and will be operating the only authorised Drone(s) taking film and photos. Participants are not permitted to use Video cameras or Drones in the Festival Site. The use of authorised Drones will be limited.

By participating in Luminate each person is giving permission to be recorded in visual or audio format anywhere on the Festival Site and on Canaan Road and that the recordings may be used for promotional and other purposes on behalf of Luminate. Please be reassured that Luminate takes great care to respect people’s feelings and if a photo is used which a Participant is unhappy about then please contact Luminate with the details.

Everyone on the Festival Site must comply promptly with the orders from anyone authorised to act on behalf of Luminate Trust including but not limited to Luminate Festival management, Fire Safety, Medical & Emergency, Health and Safety, Security and Site Guardian crew. This is really important as in an emergency there may not be time to give an explanation of why the order is being made.

Fireworks are not permitted anywhere in the Festival Site.


 Participants must follow the instructions of all Luminate crew who may direct them into and within the Campsite, and camping is allowed in allocated areas only.

No camping in the forest or under trees, as it can be dangerous (eg due to falling limbs from trees), and can damage the native snails and their habitat. A roped fence shows the boundary.

All Participants are required to take responsibility for and remove from the Festival Site any rubbish and recycling that they generate, and to take any such items to a Council Refuse/Recycling Centre. Cans and containers that can be recycled must be washed first. Everyone is required to pack out all that they bring and leave no trace.

The Campsite is for resting and relaxation. No music or loud noise is allowed in the campsite.

Participants who would like to camp with their friends need to arrive together and set up camp together. It is not possible to save camping spaces for others.

The Campsite contains Emergency Vehicle Access Ways that must remain clear at all times. Any item that impedes an Access Way will be removed by Luminate Crew.

Participants are required to bring everything needed to camp and stay warm and dry in a sub-alpine environment for the duration of their stay at the festival and to be prepared for any weather conditions.

Fires and open flames are strictly forbidden in the Campsite and Participants are not allowed to light fires anywhere in the festival site nor launch candle lantern balloons.


All participants in Luminate accept complete responsibility for the safety and care of their own belongings, and for the safety and welfare of themselves and anyone in their custody and care.

Luminate Trust will not be held responsible for the personal items and vehicles of participants, nor any injury, loss, theft or damage sustained either within the festival or travelling to or departing from the festival.

The Festival Site is in a remote outdoor sub-alpine location with natural hazards. The Festival Site and surrounding land contains uneven terrain, Karst limestone features, sink-holes, crevasses, cliffs, rock formations, beech forest, marble outcrops, caves, streams, ponds, dry river beds which can flash flood, and many other natural topographical elements, flora and fauna. Many features may be hidden from view. Beech trees can drop branches and heavy limbs without warning.

The Canaan Road is a narrow gravel road which is uneven and has ditches and steep slopes to the side in many places. Drivers must take care and keep speeds low at all times.

Attending Luminate is entirely at the Participant’s own risk and Participants assume and understand that there are risks inherent in admission to the Festival Site and travel to and from the festival.

If a Participant feels that their or others’ health or safety is threatened, they are required to inform the nearest Site Guardian, Security crew or report the details to the Information Hub within the Event Site.

In the case of a medical emergency report the details to the Medical team, the Information Hub or to the nearest member of Luminate crew with a radio.

There is very little to no cell phone coverage in the Festival Site. Luminate Trust arranges for a mobile network booster for emergencies and this is not available for Participants to use. It is recommended to switch mobile devices to flight mode to save battery life.

Tough Love

Out of respect for all those who contribute so much to co-create Luminate, whether as a contributor or participant paying to attend, and to help keep a peaceful and safe community, along with health and safety reasons, Luminate Trust has developed strategies for the following situtations outlined below.  

 Anyone who is ordered to leave the Festival Site or is refused entry to Luminate will not have any Admission Ticket or other form of Admission refunded or exchanged nor any other compensation given.

Luminate Trust reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone for any reason.

Anyone who is ordered to leave the Festival Site or refused entry to Luminate will not be allowed to return and may be served with a Trespass Notice and further action may be taken as required. Such a person may be photographed and their details recorded.

An Incident Report will be made if any of the following eventuate, and the details may be shared with other organisations.

A Trespasser’s details will be kept on file and the person will not be allowed entry to the next festival nor to any other events run by Luminate Trust within the following two years.

Any member of the public found on the Festival Site during the event without a valid Wristband, Admission Pass or Ticket will be required to pay $100 and purchase a full Gate price Ticket, or else will be issued with a Trespass Notice and required to immediately leave the festival site.

Any person found to have altered or removed a Wristband may be required to leave the Festival Site and not return.

Anyone behaving in a manner deemed destructive, disorderly, dangerous, abusive or unsafe may be removed from the Festival Site and further action may be taken.

Failure to comply with orders from authorised crew acting on behalf of Luminate Trust (including but not limited to in an emergencey situation) may result in the person being served a Trespass Notice and being removed from the Festival Site.

Anyone found with alcohol at the festival will have the alcohol confiscated and not returned, and if the quantity is deemed excessive then the person may be required to leave the Festival Site and not return.

Anyone found flying a aerial Drone in the Festival Site will have the Drone confiscated until after the festival ends, and the person may be required to leave the Festival Site and not return.

If a “Stow-Away” (someone attempting to enter the festival without a valid Admission Pass or Ticket) is found in a vehicle, each person in the vehicle may be refused admission to the festival, or if admission is granted each person will have to pay an extra fee of $100. The Stow-Away will not be granted admission. The Stow-away and driver of the vehicle will be photographed and their details recorded and the details of the incident may be shared with other organisations. The driver of the vehicle will be held responsible for the safe transport of the Stow-Away to one of the nearest towns.

Sound systems, vehicle stereos and Generators are not permitted in the Campsite and anyone found using any of these may be required to leave the festival and not return.

Trading is only permitted by approved Traders with allocated spaces in the Village Market, by Luminate Cafes and by Healing practitioners in Hauora. Anyone else found Trading in the Festival Site may be required to leave the Festival Site.

Fires are strictly prohibited and dangerous. Anyone found with an unauthorised fire may be required to leave the Festival Site.


Last updated July 2018

Massive gratitude to all Participants who attend Luminate peacefully and harmoniously, and who understand the need for clarity around Terms and Conditions of Admission.

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