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Foundational Affirmations for being Free to Flourish


We have been giving careful consideration and contemplation to many things over the past year, in particular with regards to natural lore. This is a work in progress, and we’re curious if these foundational principles may resonate with you. We offer them as a guide (to be further discussed) for co-creating “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”.


1) Embody Freedom

We are living men and women free to follow our hearts, being as we want to be, whilst taking care not to infringe on others and to do no harm.


2) Voluntaryism

All actions and interactions are voluntary and respect privacy, we avoid using demands and coercion, all men and women have equal natural rights.


3) Be peaceful, seek harmony

We utilise compassionate communication, reject violence and aggression, yet reserve the right to use force in defense.


4) Soul-responsibility

By activating soul-responsibility and acknowledging our supreme authority of our own living soul, there is no need for an external “authority” and no validity to claims of power-over.


5) Alignment with Nature

Nature is integral in our co-existance with all lifeforms, we prioritise completing the natural cycles and benefitting the ecology.


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Last updated 18th January 2022

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