Luminate Festival - Canaan Downs - Golden Bay, New Zealand

Activating positive change beneficial to the ecology

Activating positive change beneficial to the ecology

Luminate’s purpose is to co-create a thriving festival of music, arts and inspiration, activating positive change beneficial to the ecology.

Luminate’s vision is heart-centred community flourishing in resonance with nature.

Lunasa 2023!

In optimism and with positive intent we have rescheduled Lunasa for 1st – 8th February 2023. We trust that in this near future we will once again be able to run festivals that are inclusive and welcoming to all. 
Note: there is no festival this February 2022 due to the current restrictions and circumstances in Aotearoa-New Zealand.

Canaan Downs – Pikikirunga, Golden Bay, Aotearoa – New Zealand

13 Crystal Seeds of Positive Change

We have listed the themes that are alive in us at present as the 13 Crystal Seeds of Positive Change. We intend to focus on these at Lunasa with knowledge sharing sessions, discussion forums and opportunities to connect with others who are feeling alignment and resonance with nurturing these seeds.


By inviting alignment we are also inviting collective intelligence to manifest, so that strategies for co-creating the reality of heart-centered communities flourishing in resonance with nature can be actualized.

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