Yurt Party | Luminate Festival
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Yurt Party

New Zealand

Music Zone:

Embrace the east-european-meets-dubby-roots sound of Yurt Party, clap hands to seething Gypsy and Balkan rhythms, sigh to haunting violin melodies, and feel the percussive beat shake the floorboards. The Christchurch based band have had people dancing at markets, in bars, outdoors under the sun and hit it off at house parties! Starting out as a duo, then trio and finally quartet Yurt Party draws from traditional Balkan and gypsy music and fuses it with dub, electronic, latin and afro inspired dance grooves. 2018 has been dedicated to writing their own originals and recording their first album.

Lorenz Weston-Salzer – (Violin) Lorenz is a classically trained violinist, teacher and busker. He has performed in orchestras and in bands playing rock, blues, celtic and gypsy dance music.

Tom Harris – (Keyboard and Accordion) Tom Harris is a musical jack of all trades – multi instrumentalist, composer, sound designer, teacher and band leader. He is involved in music from indie rock to gypsy oompah to meditative/minimalist, and loves being a small part of the great connecting web of Music that weaves through our lives.

Thomas Isbister – (Drums and percussion) Thomas enjoys creating music and exploring the infinite possibilities of the musical world. Drawing inspiration from Latin and African styles of drumming, along with noise post punk and indie rock.

Kiefer Wilton – (Trumpet and Trombone) Irish brass-monkey. Came to New Zealand last year in search of work but got involved with a bunch of mad gypsies from Christchurch instead. Actually loves potatoes.

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