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Virelai are passion, they deliver a concert filled with joy for playing their traditional music, and a desire to interact with audiences. Virelai perform dance tunes and interpretations of Scandinavian ballads, with instruments unique to New Zealand audiences.

Virelai are a popular band in the Danish folk scene, and have performed more than 500 concerts since their inception in 1999. They have toured Scandinavia and Europe with their positive, infectious performances. They took the name Virelai, an Old name for the beauty in music, dance and poetry.

“Listening to Virelai is a mythical journey back to the roots of the north, awaking everything that the modern age has bulldozed over. It is touching with stretched out hands and sensing the hopes and dreams of our ancestors. Virelai evokes history and tears down the divides because the music makes those who listen float together in joy and motion while the melodies lead the soul into the fire. The rhythms pound, unfolding the story verse after verse… and the flutes are recalling what was long lost. Virelai is ferocity, eternal longing, gentleness and loving hearts. It follows the footsteps of the vitality from the time Denmark was born. You are invited to take part in Virelai´s journey through the ages and dip into the ocean of the collective memory of the nordic myths.” Susanne Clod Pedersen, Danish Writer


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