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Sun Salute

New Zealand

Music Zone:

Sun Salute is a wholesome brew of reggae, roots, hip-hop and funk. They draw inspiration for their music from nature, travel and community; and seek to use the power of music for healing and change. They use themes and concepts from life’s simplicity to create songs rich in morality and positivity. Their energy on stage is infectious with their blend of classic reggae rhythms, dubs, solid grooves and jams.

Frontman, Tane Tokorangi from the North-East of New Zealand brings his connection to Maori culture to the stage. With an international line-up of members, each bringing their own unique influences, the group is on a mission to spread earth songs through music festivals and private events while touring extensively throughout the country. Sun Salute have delivered stand out performances at many festivals around Australia and continue to create a buzz at every festival they play.



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