Shankara - Luminate Festival


New Zealand

Music Zone:

For New Zealand natives, Brendan and Elijah, Shankara, have been making music with an undeniable passion together for 8 years.

Since the young age of 15 Shankara have been experimenting with sonic creations in an “against the grain” style of writing music. Shankara’s experimental approach to music has helped gain the attention of Desert Traxs the Sacred/Psychedelic record label from the Desert Dwellers USA, releasing an Ethnic Bass EP in early 2019.

Shankar is no stranger to the stage, touring in the US in 2015, Shankaras sound has captured the attention of music lovers from around the globe, Headlining the Illumination Gathering festival (US) and the Underground Nomads Bellydance night in San Fransisco in 2015 as well as sets at Star Camp Mt Shasta (US), Luminate (NZ), Karamea (NZ) Tidal Creek (NZ), Chur Burn (NZ) and local Solstice and Equinox events in their hometown of Christchurch.
They have shared the stage with some of the scenes finest musicians including Drumspyder, Symbolico, Smoke Sign & Androcell as well as others. Whether they are performing live on stage with Synths, Guitar, Flute and various percussive pieces, Collaborating with Lyricist Bruce Fox or having their gear spread out on the floor in the Chill tent morphing and twisting tracks into a jammy soup of dub delay, rolling basslines, ethnic melodies and tribal energy, Shankara Live is always a sonic treat and lot of fun for everyone.

As remixers, Shankaras credits span from Drumspyder, Beatfarmer and Mr Squatch.


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