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San and Tac

New Caledonia

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San & Tac is the psychedelic trance project from the mind of Tristan Guillaume (San), an electronic music producer from New Caledonia. Inspired by introspective melodies, weird colorful soundscapes and the sounds from the world around them, San & Tac will transport you out of the box and away from the cliche with powerful rhythms and deep forest baselines.

Tristan’s style is characterised by deep melodic stories with a fun and quirky side, that meets you halfway between Fullon and Australian progressive.  He has charmed the dance floors of Australia and has grown to become one of the rising Fullon melodic artists of the south pacific scene.

San & Tac have been touring and releasing music internationally since 2012 under Kinematic Records, Pixan, Bowlba, as well as on various VA’s from Brasil, Lithuania, Australia, Italy.


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