Redwood Reider - Luminate Festival

Redwood Reider

New Zealand

Music Zone:

Redwood Reider is a spoken word poet known for inspiring and uplifting live audiences. Performances range from intimate storytelling and mystical guidance to charged up eco-political rhyme (and often all at the same time). Redwood’s rhymes grow out of a deep connection to the earth, a love of community, a passion for justice, and deep commitment to the healing of our outer and inner worlds. Words flow from the heart with humour and compassion – aiming to reconnect us all with our true nature (and to inspire a few revolutions). Redwood frequently collaborates with live musicians, on stage, and in the recording studio. Live performances may journey through the full range of moods, from guided meditation through freestyle rap and dance grooves. Redwood has co-created three albums of poetry alongside acoustic musicians. Redwood also lends a poetic voice to Luminate’s ceremonies.


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