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For Prosad, life in music is international, spiritual and full of good vibrations. He’s a multi-instrumentalist and singer who has travelled the world sharing his unique blend of sitar, guitar, reggae and world music. Inspired by legends like George Harrison, Prosad seeks to create a spiritual vibration in the mainstream music of his generation by blending Indian instruments with the western influences of rock, reggae, folk and blues.

On stage, Prosad is far outnumbered by his musical instruments but he brings them all together with looping: recording guitar, bass, sitar, flute, didgeridoo and more while soloing and singing over his spontaneous creations. He has performed in New Zealand, Australia, India, Holland, Paris, Portugal, Italy, Hawaii and many other countries.

He’s been called “the Jimi Hendrix of electric sitar”. In his latest album, Prosad concentrates on combining all of his eclectic musical passions – mixing electric sitar with reggae and world music, creating a unique style that stretches the boundaries of musical genre. Artists like the Beatles, Bob Marley and Trevor Hall have each influenced his song writing. All of these musicians have successfully shared a spiritual message through their music and reached the mainstream. Prosad is here to do the same. With the addition of fifteen years of sitar study and inspired by the twenty plus years he spent studying with his spiritual teacher from the Himalayas, Prosad has a unique style of music and wisdom to share. “We create our own reality and we can manifest our dream-world together as one human family”. Contagious and uplifting: That’s Prosad’s vibe.

For the chillounge Prosad will take you on an instrumental journey created from loops and beats with sitar, bansuri, many more instruments.


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