Pootie Tang - Luminate Festival

Pootie Tang

New Zealand

Music Zone:

Pootie Tang is a crowd pleaser! Thoroughly loving the process. She completely immerses herself and morphs with the music and punters and gets the dance floor cranking!

Multi-genre eclectic taste in music styles, Pootie tunes into the gig, the dancefloor and the vibe to weave together relevant styles through her set.

Raised at doofs in Nimbin and Northern Rivers in Australia, Pootie knows and feels the depths of rhythm from the forests to the decks. Travelling the world consistently for more than a decade, rocking the dance floor from party to music festival all around the world, gathering on a cellular level an intelligent collection of music savvy. Soul intuition and music knowledge merge in a conglomeration music set with intention of aural pleasure bound to take each person on a journey through soundscape and dance.


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