Pieter Borgh | Luminate Festival
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Pieter Borgh

New Zealand

Music Zone:

One thing that was always consistent and reliable in Pieter Borghs heart was his cassette collection and his fascination of electronic music. Having been exposed to the earliest styles of Goa when he was just a whippersnapper in the early ’90s … this boy grew into music with a very special edge.

Heavy Metal turned Electronic + Goa turned Psy = Prog turned Techno. This is where he has found his Niche and ultimate expression.

His style usually ranges in the Techno genre from dubby, deep, dark and brooding to driving, hypnotic and hardcore. Pushing for the hard styles has always been an agenda for this man and this continues to be the theme looking forward.

Another niche genre he seems to have found himself in is Gypsy Tech.. where he seems to flourish when playing at Morning People Raves and when running his Swing Gypsies event with world-renowned Psy and Electro Swing legend Pied Piper Paul aka Loop De Loop.

Every DJ set from this performer is a work of art and his original productions and remixes are slowly being released professionally.

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