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Nioka is Dennis B. from southern Germany, owner of Sunna Records. The first time he got in touch with psychedelic trance was in 2004. Since then It became a part of his life. In summer he organized OA parties in the idyllic nature of southern Germany, where he started to DJ. He has played on some small parties in southern Bavaria. After some time he wanted to create his own ideas in psychedelic music and started to produce his own music.

In 2015 he founded together with a friend “Immanu-El” “TranceLucid” which is Psychedelic/progressive ethno Trance with influences of instruments and voices of different cultures and countries.

Besides those two projects, he has his side project “Manoj”. Here we can listen to a mixture of experimental melodic electronic music with deep spheres.

in 2014 The organisers “Deep Thought Productions” allowed him to present his Live Set on a party in Munich. So after this gig, he got some more bookings in Southern Germany such as Ulm, Munich, Straßkirchen (Plutonium) and many more.

In 2015 the British label “Visionary Shamanic Records” got attention to his music and released his first Track on a VA together with “Banyan Records” from Austria. After that, he had released some of his tracks on Labels such as Visionary Shamanic Rec.”, “Purple Hexagon”, “Shunyata Records” and “Spontaneous Aerobics”.

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