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Legacy is a project which operates from Newcastle, Australia. Originating in Far North Queensland, he has taken influence from his surroundings his whole life. From the early days of performing locally in the thriving culture he lived in, he was immersed in music and around artists which influenced the sound he is now renowned for. Since 2007, he took his passion from DJ’ing and started producing

Rhythm and groove are major fundamentals of the ‘Legacy’ project, founded from his passion for Latin percussion and kit drumming throughout his early schooling years. He has released 2 full-length albums and 2 Ep’s with his and Jekylls label, “No Qualms”. His latest release “Mode 2.0” was released in November 2017 with “Weapon Records”.

In 2010, Jekyll and Legacy founded No Qualms Records. Since then, they have had the opportunity to host and work with some of the most unique artists in the country, specialising in a “Bush Progressive” sound.

Legacy has performed at many large festivals around the globe, including Freq’s of Nature, Universo Paralello, Eclipse FNQ, Rainbow Serpent & Earth Frequency. You can find his music on the No Qualms & Weapon Records Bandcamp, but to get a full experience of the sound, attend a live show.


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