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Day of the Dead “Flamingo Fiesta” trio Kallidad is thrilled to return to Luminate. From humble beginnings, a world class headining act has evolved in the most unlikely form – all instrumental, Kallidad do not need to utter one word to create a bond with their audience, combining Spanish guitar styles with Heavy Metal roots to create a once in a lifetime sound that has taken the group around the world.

The lineup is simple – two Spanish guitars and percussion. But don’t let the lightweight set up fool you! Kallidad can rock a crowd from top to bottom! Kallidad was also voted “Most Popular Band” at Italy’s Ferrara Festival­ the world’s premier street music competition! The three amigos live and breathe music and their live show is a testament to their obsession with the craft of connection.

Main stage favourites Kallidad will reveal their softer, more melodic side in a dedicated chilled performance.


Workshop(s): Kallidad Unmasked

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