Jamie Sisley - Luminate Festival

Jamie Sisley

New Zealand

Music Zone:

Born in New Zealand, the land of cascading glaciers, active volcanoes, placid lakes and vast mountain ranges, Jamie Sisley’s deep electronic set’s sounds as if they’re filtered through the natural world around him. With multiple trips to Berlin & a newfound perspective, Sisley’s productions are a colourful collage. The same way a mosaic is created, he creates intoxicating & moody journeys with the main goal being narrative.

His diverse mixes are perfectly trippy with dreamy melodies & rich baselines with aspects of worldly sounds, downtempo, dub & house finely mixed up with a psychedelic touch. Jamie’s music whispers an ancestral message of a slow life giving listeners space to move and breathe between beats inducing them to a Meditative state.



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