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Welcome to the electro-klezmer balkan disco!

International Tourist are both new and old, departing and arriving, relentless in their live energy and the accumulation of frequent flyer points. Alex and Josh of Melbourne’s world music dance band Hello Tut Tut have snuck off again, this time teaming up with Max Mannequin, producer, DJ and ringleader of Ungus Ungus Ungus, to form a tasty new trio that will actually melt down the house. They bring the party with live clarinet and violin playing sounds from Europe’s east with an electro beat.

The quirky 3-piece plug the music of Hello Tut Tut into a massive sound system and bring a party that’s inspired by sounds of the balkan, klezmer and gypsy traditions… only injected with world beats, latin and electronic rhythms. This trio merge their love of energetic This trio merge their love of energetic live performances with traveling in style… will you come along for the ride?


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