Herman Saiz - Luminate Festival

Herman Saiz


Music Zone:

I began playing low-key in the underground house scene in Chile almost 2 decades ago.
Inspired young by my Grandfathers profound passion for collecting music, I started out mixing cassettes and old records. My first passion was hip-hop and GFunk. I have always been interested in collecting new tracks, styles and artists, it wasn’t long before I was introduced to electronic music and the electronic scene.

The DJ booth is my Spaceship and The Decks are my controls, bringing everyone on his journey and love for the music. Blending my Latin roots with provocative electronic house/techno and deep groovy tech sounds to create a seductive atmosphere strictly for making people get up and into the rhythm of his undeniably infectious flavour of music.

Producing music, at a deeper level, has come to the forefront for me over the last 2 years. Musical creations are cosmic compositions of trip space and celestial sounds. The Tracks racks aim at bringing a higher consciousness and vibration to the dance floor, through ancient and alien messages, intergalactic sounds and subtle spiritual healing.


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