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Possibly the only band in the world promoting permaculture principles, ecological resilience and climate-change adaptation through dance music, Western Australia’s Formidable Vegetable are the world’s most unique experiment in ‘ecological electrofunk-swing’. With high-energy live shows consisting of glitchy bass-beets, swingin-ukulele, soaring strings and hyperactive horns, this act has only one goal: to pound simple solutions for sustainability deep into your consciousness in the funkiest way possible!

With their music permeating every corner of the globe from Glastonbury Festival to the headquarters of the United Nations over the past six years, Formidable Vegetable is paving the way towards simple solutions to some of the worlds’ biggest problems with their special brand of positive musical activism. They are a favourite on the Australian and international festival circuits.

Realising that music is one of the best tools for bringing about cultural change, globetrotting troubadour and the mind behind Formidable Vegetable, Charlie Mgee has dedicated his musical mission to composing swingin’ tunes on a ukulele that address issues of climate change, food security and sustainable living in various musical styles ranging from ‘energy-descent electroswing’ to ‘post-apocalypso’, which make for an eccentrically entertaining and unforgettable musical experience.

In a world gone mad, there’s one thing you can do to improve the party: Lettuce Turnip the Rad(ish) Beets and Rocket!

So infectious that the most ardent climate sceptic would have trouble staying still”- Sydney Morning Herald


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