Emergy - Luminate Festival


New Zealand

Music Zone:

Since Emma was young she always had a deep love of dancing be it jazz, ballet or just at home. When she grew into a teenager her favourite outlet for this was dance parties and living in the UK for several years she fell in love with Techno.

Moving back to Wellington she found a massive hole where Techno once was. And because no one was playing the style that really moves her, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Two years later and Emergy has progressed as a DJ with leaps and bounds. Having played at house parties, warehouse parties, numerous outdoor events and taking it to the clubs with a residency with Geared. Dark and heavy is the name of her game but always with a bit of funk and groove to it.

Her style is always evolving and with her love of Psychedelic Trance, her intentions gravitate towards a blend of her favourite styles of dance music.


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