Ed Zuccollo - Luminate Festival

Ed Zuccollo

New Zealand

Music Zone:

Introducing New Zealand based keyboardist and producer, Ed Zuccollo. Ed is the keys player for Trinity Roots, Flite, and Tyson Smith, and has done session recording for artists from Thomas Oliver to Mel Parsons, and Electric Wire Hustle to Hollie Smith. His range and knowledge of vintage and classic keyboard instruments, synthesisers and effects make him versatile and unique in the performance and session recording industry.

In his solo show, you’ll be taken on a dynamic journey from energetic synth beats to lush ambient soundscapes, to thick funky grooves, and even the odd rap – in which you may be asked for assistance. Ed has a relaxed and charming demeanor, interspersing entertaining chat throughout the set, while his skill on the 70s Minimoog synthesizer always impresses crowds. He uses a sampler to bring you the music he has crafted in his studio, a variety of vintage keyboards, and a talkbox. For this particular set, Zuccollo will showcase particularly his ambient, atmospheric and melodic side.



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