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Dead Space Collective

New Zealand

Music Zone:

Dead Space Collective is an independent group of young local musicians venturing into the many forms of electronic music. Formally being solo artists that bonded over our mutual passion for sound, aesthetic and art we naturally gravitated into a group which creates more than just sonic frequencies but rather a composition of energy and art flowing into many genres of electronic music, and thus Dead Space Collective was born.

Currently on a day to day bases, we reside in our studio based in Takaka township, producing together throughout the week and performing at events/clubs within the Nelson area on weekends.

Being local youth who have been going to Luminate for most of our lives, naturally, we believe now it is our turn to share with Luminate what we have to offer.

Dead Space Collective will provide a journey through Drum and Bass, cutting down the negative stigma around the genre by integrating the sub-genres Liquid, Dance Floor, Gully and Jungle to create a positive, high energy, bass filled, dancing environment for all cultures and ages to enjoy alike. Our goal is expanding the Dead Space Collective family and showing Luminate that the drive and passion for music has been passed down to the youth!


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