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Ben Fein


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I was born in Germany in 1986 and was raised in a family with a huge love for music, of every genre.
Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long until I took my first music lesson in guitar, at the age of 4. I performed at my very first concert at the age of five. A few years later I added piano lessons to my music education, and teacher of mine introduced me to computers, and a great love for synthesizing sound through that medium began. As a teenager, I explored more and more instruments, and work with a drum set opened my eyes to rhythm, letting me express the beats I felt in my heart out into the world.

While making music, I kept very busy, going to school and completing a university degree in management and computer science. But I was having fun too! A decade of partying in the techno/trance scene in Europe opened my ears and heart more and more to electronic music and solidified my interest in increasingly complex waveforms of sound synthesis. My personal musical style is based on eclectic tracks, diverse music styles and sounds that fuel my creativity and inspire me to create and conduct my own music.

Along the way, I crossed paths with like-minded creative people. I met a friend in 2010 that shared my love for beats and my drive, and together we entered the music scene in 2011, under the name of Tailgate Chamber. We played our music all over Germany in several live gigs, from Heidelberg to Hannover, loving every moment of it.


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