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Music & Arts


Music is a significant aspect of Luminate, reflecting the ancient intuitive connections that we have with polyrhythmic beats, layered sounds & harmonies, a desire to dance, to flow with the present moment, to resonate with sound vibrations, to connect.

With 5 zones of music at Luminate, during 7 days we create a schedule of 200 music acts with a wide diversity to match many tastes. We invite you to enjoy your favourite music, and also take the opportunities to check out artists and music that may be new to you, go exploring in the sonic realms, be open to the flow…



International and New Zealand artists bring a stunning array of original music with conscious intent to the Lunasa Stage at Luminate. The line-up is fresh, stimulating, inspiring and dissolves boundaries of genre. Live bands with a strong level of musical integrity provide a range of world music, jazz, reggae, dub, celtic, pacifica, folk & fusion. Contemporary electronic producers play powerful music from heart-space spanning sacred bass to psychedelic trance. Careful scheduling invites a dynamic flow between the days and nights, creating an ever-changing, unifying musical adventure.


Primal acoustic drumming circles at Tribal connect ancient traditions, weaving indigenous instruments, voice, body rhythm and dance into a sacred celebration of the present moment. This all takes place around a consciously tended fire, with an invitation to all participants to join in and co-create the musical journey.


The Electronic Zone is about dance, groove, funk, bass…and an epic light show at night! The schedule brings together a carefully chosen eclectic range of cutting edge electronic genres featuring well-known producers and djs from New Zealand & Australia alongside international artists. Each day and each night has a different theme, it could be Techno, House, Psytrance, Progressive, High Tech, Glitch, Midtempo, World Grooves, Electro-Swing…the E-Zone is a place to dance surrounded by native forest and great vibes.


A place to connect with the power of slowing down. Fully unwind in a zone of comfort and inner peace. Musicians and DJs from around the world are scheduled to provide instrumental soundscapes, ambient downbeat and relaxing vibes. Enjoy a warm chai & nutritious snack, relax with friends, meet like-minded people. The Chillounge also hosts performing arts including theatre and jazz jam sessions. And if you are seeking 100% calm in an evening, check out Tohora in Hauora – Healing Zone for exceptionally chilled out frequencies of sound healing.


The Village Stage provides a community focus in the Village Market, combining a program of musicians, children’s entertainers, improvised music jams, and open-mic sessions where festival participants can share their original music. This stage has been evolving steadily over the years, and through it we are able to present a range of live music with roots in folk, jazz, world and song



A hugely popular space at Luminate, Circus hosts a dazzling array of circo-arts workshops and spectacular performances throughout the festival. Drawing on international and New Zealand talent, Circus invites experienced and inspirational performers to lead workshops on a wide range of circus-related skills, from juggling, poi, hula hoop and slackline to fire twirling, silks and acro-balance. Many sessions are suitable for all ages, and Circus has proved an amazing space for families to enjoy learning new skills. Look out for roving performances by day, and fire & LED light shows at night.



Join us for the Welcome Ceremony on Thursday evening as we welcome all festival participants to Pikikirunga (the place), to Lughnasadgh (the time) and to the community of Luminate. A unique ritual of music, poetry, performing arts, fire and intention, this Ceremony welcomes everyone to the purpose and culture of Luminate.


This interactive meditative experience is timed during the midpoint of Lughnasadgh, the ancient seasonal festival that inspires Luminate. All other festival activities pause whilst a deep sound journey flows into poetic visualisation, a potent time to Activate joyful heart-centred community flourishing in resonance with nature.


At sunset on Wednesday 6th Feb we gather to reflect, give thanks and connect. A time to begin to integrate the experiences of Luminate, celebrate the transformational processes set in motion, ground ourselves and prepare to carry the Luminate family spirit out into the wider world.


Sacred Geometry can be described as “The shape consciousness selects to inhabit in the superluminal domain”.

From the passion flower or a spiraling galaxy, we see patterns, cycles and forms in nature expressed via geometric patterns and the golden ratio.

Since we began in 2008, Luminate has taken great care to embed golden ratio into all aspects of the festival, including the social dynamics. The festival site layout, alignment of zones, placement of poles, stage design, graphics and logos are all based on the geometry of the rhombic triacontahedron, pentagon, decagon, and rhombic hexecontahedron, providing harmonic resonance with nature, and enhancing ecological consciousness.

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