Tui Mamaki - Lunasa 2021

Tui Mamaki

New Zealand


Beguiling vocal melodies over hypnotic guitar grooves, a meeting of delicacy and power.
Following the release of her album FLY – inspired by a love affair with Bulgaria – TUi MAMAKi plunged into the transformative experience of motherhood. From this new standpoint of devotion, tenderness and the transcendence of self, a new body of work has emerged. Still the evocative and earthy vocals, the eastern tainted melodies, afloat on swathes of harp like electric-guitar. Still the fascination with hypnotic odd-meter rhythms and lyrics of a koan-like simplicity, but motherhood!

“The Moon and The Machine” is a tribute to the unsung heros of child-bearing and rearing, a domestically enriched devotional act, a mysterious part of the healing, the seeing and the re-inventing of what it means to be a musical-mother in our society. This Neo-Folk Fusion, spliced with traditional song, brings us stories of milk, love, a death of sorts and the adventure beyond.

TUi MAMAKi is a vocal explorer, performer and composer, born in France, raised in Aotearoa/NZ and often found in Bulgaria. She can thank her musically adventurous troubadour family for giving her a taste for sounds from far-away places. In following her voice, she has travelled to Pay Basque, India and the Balkans to study traditional vocal techniques and repertoire. After years co-leading The Mamaku Project, she released her debut solo album FLY in 2018 and continues to tour both traditional and original repertoires, lately enriched by her journey as a mother.


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