Ora.Vida.Life - Lunasa 2021


New Zealand


Ora.Vida.Life are a group of Sacred Theatre practitioners who channel a powerful set of original songs, chants and dance.
Using the body, voice, frame drum, shruti and guitar, Mexican performance artist Xiuh along with Kāren Hunter and Brooke Ora offer medicine for blood, bone, breath and heart.
Ora.Vida.Life are three wahine from different cultures, bringing sacred theatre, dance, ceremony and music to the community.
We write and create our own songs for sharing with people of all cultures. Our intention is for these songs to be shared openly and freely within the community.
We work to honour and respect songs and their lineages from our ancestors behind us.
We are humbled to be sharing our knowledge through sacred theatre by weaving ritual and ceremony with music and dance.
We acknowledge the tangata whenua Maori of Aotearoa and send our love to the Indigenous and First Nations people of the world who inspire us to sing to Great Spirit.


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