Music 2021 Archive - Luminate Festival

Alanjahjah en de Eaggerlings

“Founded on solid reggae grooves wid a sprinkling a hip-hop, ‘Alanjahjah en de Eaggerlings’ take wing through sweet harmonising and lively folk playing…”

Alpaca Social Club

With strong roots in acoustic music, celtic trad, gypsy, blues and various world styles, the Alpaca Social Club are always ready to take live music into unexpected places with skill, humour, passion and a sense of adventure.

Aqua Poodle

For more than 20 years Aqua Poodle has been part of the electronic music scene, spreading her driving, deep, hence melodic and playful sound focusing and warming the cockles of your heart.


Ariathea is original tribal-funk-soul, led by multi-genre songstress, teacher of voice and sound healer Georgia Duder-Wood. Classical and jazz trained bassist Mat Fieldes anchors the groove, whilst a world music twist is added by percussion masters Doug Brush and Eric Renick,


Balkany play upbeat songs from the four corners of Europe, getting audiences moving gypsy-style with a mix of traditional and original music. Enjoy brass, percussion, strings, squeezebox, vocals and good times!

Club Manouche

Club Manouche play a lively set of gypsy swing classics mixed with an eclectic selection of odd sorts. They are not beyond taking a well-known tune down the wormhole of improvisational outbursts to see what’s there!

DJ ?Mark

DJ ?Mark, (formerly DJ Miki) is a bonafide veteran of the psytrance scene with 20 years experience in the mix. From prog to psy the set will follow the crowd’s mood to fuse a dance that opens up the portals of perception. A Motueka local with a tribe of kids, DJ ?Mark fits the Lunasa vibe of family and fun.

Ellie Swan

“Psy trance had a major influence on me growing up in the late 90s – early 2000 and my set would definitely have a lot of tribal trance, touches of house trance and possibly other musical styles as I like to adapt to the crowd and create something new and live every time I mix”.

Franko Heke

Drawing on ancient mantra in combination with his own cultural roots, Franko’s devotional sessions are bound to coax your own divine voice into the open with his distinct fresh sounds for today.


Funk-E is bringing to the Lunasa 2021 dance floor an uplifting blend of modern bass music with the best funk, soul, swing, jazz, dub and world music from the last century. The eclectic mix of music will appeal to a wide range of music lovers.


“Having a profound love for roots reggae (and roots of roots reggae), GalanJAH is keen to be providing dancing feet wid ’nuff a wholesome beat…

Good Habits

Good Habits are a UK alt-folk duo. Composed of singer-cellist Bonnie Schwarz and accordionist Pete Shaw, Good Habits create folk-infused songs that test the limits of their traditional instruments. 

Gypsy Paul

DJ Gypsy-Paul is known to play a wide range of international fast electronic-dance-music. Expect a set drawn from many years of playing, entertaining the dancefloor with with balkan beats and gypsy-swing, funky house, techno tunes, minimal elektro beats, to rhythm bass and driven, world fusion grooves of all sorts….Happy dancing!

In The Shallows

Diverse modern folk music with a silken and distinctive sound that weaves together soaring harmonies, mesmerising vocals and acoustic guitars with relatable lyrics about intricate tales of love, loss, connection, redemption and empowerment.


From Ancient Rhythms, organic dance soundscapes to deep electronic beats Ismos will take you on a sonic journey to remember. Venture into a fluidly blended lush forest of sound and let the universal dance take over.


Jochen is a pianist and keyboarder based in Takaka, Golden Bay. Being comfortable in various styles Jochen is looking forward to sharing his gentle piano/keyboard improvisations at Lunasa which invite the listener to relax, to meditate, to breath out and to let go.

Klezmer Rebs

Klezmer Rebs play (mostly) klezmer music, an engaging style of world/folk music born out of the Yiddish/Jewish culture of eastern Europe in the 1800s. Expect big band and vocal arrangements of genuine old klezmer tunes, capturing the true klezmer spirit with songs of joy, sorrow and rebellion.


Korimako, Golden Bay’s lyrical & eclectic songbird, she sings in a dozen different tongues accompanied by guitar, ukulele, banjo & shruti box. Be taken on a journey across the world through time, with a kiwi twist..
Hera will also lead a special Kirtan session at Lunasa.


Lemongrass bring an exciting and eclectic blend of original rock infused blues, indie, reggae and funk sounds. Emotive, conscious lyrics and grooving tunes fired by tasteful electric guitar and slide, melodic vocals and solid funky bass and drums.

Mat Hoods

Taking inspiration from music and movement, Mat Hoods uses his knowledge to create soundscapes that interact with the environment be it dance floors or ambient lounges. Expect deep lush ambience fused with worldwide grooves taking in the past present and future.

Matiu Te Huki

Matiu’s soulful roots music has a strong Maori flavour, using haka, chants and traditional Maori instruments, backed by grabbing grooves, deep, beautifully crafted bass lines, funky rhythms and magical melodies.

Mutana Kataro

Originally from Mexico and signed to Ovnimoon Records, Mutana Kataro specialises in a high energy mix of psytrance and forest.


All is a vibration. My goal is to connect people in the vibration of a sound, guide them through the moment of a pure flow.


Ora.Vida.Life are a group of Sacred Theatre practitioners who channel a powerful set of original songs, chants and dance. Using the body, voice, frame drum, shruti and guitar, Mexican performance artist Xiuh along with Kāren Hunter and Brooke Ora offer medicine for blood, bone, breath and heart. Ora.Vida.Life are three wahine from different cultures, bringing sacred theatre, dance, ceremony and music to the community.


Pluto is a newly formed local teen duo who perform indie folk pop songs. Thought-provoking lyrics enhanced by exquisite harmonies and skilled guitar playing create catchy tunes that invite your attention.

R Frequency

Я Frequency bring an emerging fusion of groove and funk with a one world, one love, one vibe message in their music and lyrics.


From groovy Tech House and driving melodic Techno, to down tempo or DeepHouse, every energy has its sound. My passion as a dancer makes me look for happy, energetic and hypnotic sounds.


Seraph’s sets span ethereal melodies, rolling bass, vocal hooks and driving beats from House, Tech House and Melodic Techno. Get ready to experience first-hand one of Seraph’s seasoned melodic and high energy dance sets!


My love of music and making people boogie saw me playing very regulary for 16 years in genres such as Prog Trance, Funky House, World Grooves or Chilled Beats.

Solea Gami

I play play different percussion instruments, kalimba, jaw harp, guitar and accompany with computer and vocals.


Symbiont is the solo act of audio-visual producer and VJ Duncan McMillan. Over the last 13 years he has been refining his art into an eclectic mix of funkadelic, tribal, and dark fullon psychedelic chunky flavours.


Teatree are a local band of highly talented musicians from Motueka who will bring their celtic-indie-folk music mix to Lunasa. With reels and jigs, and also gypsy flavoured quirky songs, Teatree will inspire you to have an uplifting time on the dance floor.

The Peoples Champion

Full power, twisty, uplifting dark psy and hitech from local hero The Peoples Champion.

Tui Mamaki

Beguiling vocal melodies over hypnotic guitar grooves, a meeting of delicacy and power. Evocative and earthy vocals, eastern tainted melodies afloat on swathes of harp like electric-guitar, hypnotic odd-meter rhythms and lyrics with simplicity, enriched by her journey as a mother.

Zambuko Marimba

Marimba is an ancient word meaning “many tongues”. Zambuko Marimba weaves the intricate polyrhythmic beats of many marimbas anchored by the hosho, the age-old gourd shakers. Come enjoy the undeniably joyful and simultaneously soulful rhythms of this local group (from Motueka) committed to sharing an authentic expression of this music style from the Shona people of Zimbabwe.

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