Weaving with Harakeke - NZ Flax - Lunasa 2021

Weaving with Harakeke – NZ Flax

Presenter: Maureen Harte

We will begin with a brief mihi/introduction and waiata, then move into explanation and demonstration of how to prepare the harakeke leaves and weave a “simple” kete or other beginner-level project. Depending on group size the goal would be for each attendee to either create a small woven project themselves, or participate in a group project. If the group is small then it’d be viable for each person to create their own weaving. However if a large number of people attend the workshop that’d be more difficult (as learning weaving techniques requires a lot of one-on-one assistance), so in that case we might need to run with a group project instead.

Last time I facilitated weaving workshops at Luminate there was a lot of interest and a large number of people turned up (50+) so it wasn’t possible to assist everyone to create their own project – but we did still manage a demonstration and some people participated in a group project.
I will be camping with a group of friends this time, and several are willing to attend the workshop with me as helpers, which will make teaching the hands-on skills a lot more doable.

Presenter Bio:

Have been weaving since year 2000 – learnt to weave at Te Puia, Rotorua (used to be called Maori Arts and Crafts Institute back in those days). Two years (2000 & 2001) of informal once-a-week evening community classes.

My raranga/NZ flax weaving practice evolved from beginning as a hobby/creative passion, into an opportunity for self employment as an artisan. I now make my living as an artisan weaver and have been doing so for over 15 years.

Have facilitated dozens of weaving workshops over the past 15+ years or so – many via the “community education” program that used to operate in high schools all over NZ (before the funding for community ed was cut nationwide in 2010). Multiple “community education” adult workshops at Waimea College Richmond, Golden Bay High School & Collingwood Area School. Also a series of community ed workshops at a number of other high schools around the Top of the South Island. Also have run a number of privately hosted workshops in various venues in Nelson and continue to do so. Some workshop photos are on my facebook page – gives an indication of some of the workshops I’ve facilitated in recent years.
Have also tutored weaving at the Go Wild With Weaving event in Collingwood on a number of occasions, and was at Luminate as a KISS presenter with flax/harakeke weaving 4 years ago.


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