Thriving in Community - Lunasa 2021

Thriving in Community

Presenter: Robina McCurdy

As we ‘visit’ a diversity of intentional communities around the world, we will address some critical ‘how to’s’ for creating a successful community – how to build community from where you are right now, identify common purpose, gather together the right people, access sufficient resources, avoid typical pitfalls, and ride the waves of change!

Through her 35 experiences of living in a land-based intentional community and working as a global consultant in community development, Robina will offer a distillation of what makes community function brilliantly and what catalyses it to fall apart. Participants will leave with a ‘checklist’ of action recommendations and alert cautions, as well as a 12-step guide to starting an intentional community from scratch. The workshop will include focused small group sharings, and culminate in several interactive networking-style activities aimed at bringing together those with common interests who want to form community.

Presenter Bio:

For the past 35 years, Robina has worked internationally and nationally as an community development facilitator, Permaculture educator/designer and gardening teacher, evolving her own methodology and accompanying educational resource materials. She has worked with village-scale food security in Southern Africa, was the co-ordinator of Victory Community Gardens in Nelson, and a consultant-educator with Project Lyttelton’s ‘Food Resilience Project’ post-earthquake. In mid 2012 Robina established The Localising Food Project, which toured NZ filming a plethora of inspiring local food initiatives, in parallel with teaching workshops on local food action planning, home garden design, public food forests and seed sovereignty. To discover more about this work and view the documentaries, visit

During the last 2 years Robina taught this topic in Sustainable Living Courses in Golden Bay. Also at workshops at Luminate Festival at Convergence gathering in Canterbury and Voices of the Sacred Earth Festival in Auckland and Evolve Festival in Nelson.


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