The Mystery of Jaw harp - Lunasa 2021

The Mystery of Jaw harp

Presenter: Dmitriy Ageyev
Suitable for: adults, teens

Jaw harp is one of the most ancient musical instruments. It can be found in many ancient cultures around the world in different modifications, and is known by many different names (khomus, vargan. dan moi, morching, jew’s harp, mouth harp, etc). The Jaw harp has not changed its appearance as it has passed through the centuries because its shape is so simple and yet so perfect. The first mention of jaw harp was found on the ancient Roman fresco – the image of an orchestra clearly includes a man playing a jaw harp. Vibrations made when playing a jaw harp can cause a state of light controllable trance, which is why jaw harps are widely used in shamanic practices.

Aside from the jaw harp itself, the whole human’s body is involved in playing: fingers, diaphragm, tongue, lips, throat. Traditionally it is considered that playing a jaw harp clears the mind, strengthens human vitality, and harmonizes functions of internal organs. Jaw harp seems like a simple instrument, and it won’t take long to begin to play, but capabilities of this instrument are so rich they seem endless, and every player no matter how long he plays can still find something new on this path.

At the workshop we will reconnect with our breath, go through a small sound journey with Jaw Harp and learn how to play this powerful instrument ourselves. We will explore how to use this ancient instrument for your personal practice, how to scan your body with the sound and how to access your inner healer with breath and Jaw Harp together.

Some spare instruments may be available for use.

Presenter Bio:

Dmitriy is a Thai massage therapist and bodywork practitioner who is passionate about using an holistic approach to heal the physical body through connection with the emotional and spiritual body. Roughly four years ago is when Dmitriy began to pursue an interest in bodywork, by providing treatments to friends, at wellness festivals, and sharing his workshops around Auckland, New Zealand. With a desire to understand the connection between the mind and body, Dmitriy began immersing himself in breath and sound practices that help expand the consciousness and takes to another level of understanding the self and its place in the Universe.


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