Shakti & Shiva sing: Playing in the field of divine masculine & feminine voices - Lunasa 2021

Shakti & Shiva sing: Playing in the field of divine masculine & feminine voices

Presenter: Georgia Duder-Wood

Embodiment of the principles of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine and how that infuses physical alignment, breath, emotional connection, feeling state, pitch, tone, timbre, willingness, reception, and experience of human produced sound, both experienced and felt by individual and group.

Participants will be invited to go deep into experiential learning of how they identify energetically with these fundamental principles of the universe, and how metaphysical aspects of the throat chakra are playing these out in this lifetime, and will be given an opportunity to reflect on this. Where are we most comfortable and why? What needs balancing? Is male tone straight? How might we infuse both for kinaesthetically correct, free and well produced tone, infused and informed by connected breath, that is also metaphysically aligned and speaking our highest heart truths, and how might we know when this is so?

Presenter Bio:

Georgia is a freelance singer, voice artist, vocal coach, voice teacher and healer working in voice. Her experience spans over being the creator of song for a healing program for higher ground drug and alcohol treatment centre, helping writers read their work publicly through the Master Classes for the New Zealand Society of Authors, Master Classes for Auckland’s The Gospel Project, singing tutor South Seas Film and Television School and singing tutor at Toi Ora Live Arts; creativity centre for mental health.


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