Practical hands-on hempcrete building - Lunasa 2021

Practical hands-on hempcrete building

Presenter: Chris Stanton with Jo Say assisting

To accompany the Hempcrete Building presentation, this is your chance to get some hands on, practical experience, of the basics of building with this amazing sustainable construction material. This session will be led by licensed builder and craftsman Chris Stanton.

Chris will work with a pre built demonstration structure, to demonstrate and teach the basics of hempcrete building. People will have the chance to add to the demo wall. There will be tools and materials provided to enable a small number of participants to ‘have a go’. Chris will be joined by Jo Say from the Hemp Building Association of NZ.

Presenter Bio:

Chris Stanton has been building in the UK and NZ for 25 years. He has trained in hempcrete building and is currently building a hempcrete studio for a client in Hamner.


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