Past Life Regression - Lunasa 2021

Past Life Regression

Presenter: Rebecca Gambles

Are you interested in learning about how past lives can affect us in our current lives? Rebecca will be sharing her experiences as a past life regressionist, and discussing how experiences from our past lives can affect our physical bodies, our belief systems and also relationships with people in our lives today, including our pet animals.

She will share her experiences of how past life regression has helped people to move forward in their lives today, and also to bring awareness that if there is a physical pain, limiting belief, fear or relationship problem that people are suffering with, then the route of the problem could lie in a past life trauma.

She will then guide a group Past Life Regression so that you have the opportunity to experience a past life for yourself.

Presenter Bio:

My name is Rebecca Gambles and I am a Pleiadian Lightwork Teacher and Practitioner, Past Life Regressionist, Animal Communicator, Angelic Reiki Teacher and Psychic Medium. I have offered my services as an Animal Communicator and Holistic Practitioner for the last 8 years, and I also teach courses and retreats around New Zealand, including Animal Healing and Communication. I have presented at several festivals including Luminate, Evolve Festival, and the Body, Mind, Spirit Festival in Christchurch.


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