Partner Silks - Lunasa 2021

Partner Silks

Presenter: Jola Siezen

In This workshop you will discover the joy of moving together on the silk with another body.
We will explore the shapes and images that can be crated with two people on one silk. This workshop will cover basic partner climbs hangs, drops and movements.

Presenter Bio:

The TwistyTwinz -identical twin sisters Jola and Nele Siezen have been turning themselves upside down and inside out as long as they can remember. It’s no wonder they ended up in the circus world! Together they completed a 1 year diploma in physical theatre -( Selwyn Tertiary Performing Arts) and a 2 year diploma in circus skills -( Circo Arts – Christchurch). Jola and Nele are also founding members of the Loons Circus Theatre Company.

After many colourful years of circus life the Twisty Twinz continue to live and love what they do. Inspiring many with their wonderful work& twisty way of life. Their playful, positive personalities are bound to leave a sparkle on anyone’s face :-) Currently based in Nelson N.Z-where they teach and perform when not on tour around the globe!

“Together we can go to where one man cannot travel alone.”


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