Natural Art - Lunasa 2021

Natural Art

Presenter: Rei Bennett

Do you often feel the urge to create, but haven’t found a way to express yourself? Do you feel like you aren’t skilled or creative enough to make something worthwhile? Or are you stuck in your own head, and yearn for a way to turn off the monkey mind and really be present?
Do you yearn to connect to your authentic self?

Come along to the Natural Art Workshop and learn how to tune in to your heart and make art just like you did when you were a child. Let go of the need for it to be perfect, or for it to “be anything”, and just play. Natural art making uses only the gifts dropped by Mother Earth or harvested from her abundance and requires no skill or previous experience to enjoy. Tap into your inner wisdom and hear the messages from deep within expressed through your art pieces. Surrender to your creative voice who does not judge or expect anything from you. Embrace where you are at now, and trust the process will take you to where you need to go.

Presenter Bio:

Hello dear Lunasa Community. I hold a Masters of Arts in Arts Therapy, have held workshops at NZ Resolution Festival, and regularly hold mindfulness retreats at Dharma Gaia, Centre for Mindful Living where I have been living and volunteering full time for the past year and a half. Previously I have run retreats with the Whole Lotta Life Foundation, combining arts therapy with mindfulness and yoga for young survivors of cancer. I have worked in the DTU unit at Hawke’s Bay Regional Prison as well as Hohepa School for special needs children and held contracts with The Cancer Society, MASH Trust and Oranga Tamariki.


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