Music and the Unseen Worlds - Lunasa 2021

Music and the Unseen Worlds

Presenter: Craig Denham
Suitable for: adults, teens

The intended outcome is to inspire people with the power of music (particularly in relation to healing and wellbeing) and to give people some tools to start exploring this themselves. To open minds to some different approaches to music and the healing arts and the importance of personal development in this. Three different levels of music will be explored.

Presenter Bio:

I have played music my entire life (that’ll be 49 years by the time Lunasa happens) and I spent many years in an experimental group researching the uses of music in different cultures and experimenting with music for everything from growing tomatoes to helping someone die. The last presentation I did on this work was many years ago back in the 90s though I have run several instrumental and folks music workshops during the intervening years. I feel Lunasa is the right place for me to share what wisdom and technique I have distilled from my life’s work.


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