Massage is Love - Lunasa 2021

Massage is Love

Presenter: Madeleine Fauvinet

In this workshop you will experiment massage as you probably never did.
It will give you a few important skills, but also a sense of exploration in mindful caring, opening a pathway for connection with the person you touch, empowering yourself with contentment.
Because your heart generates its own deep frequency, Healing Comes …Love Is …

– Technical skills:
The different ways to touch in massage
Acupressure points on feet
Chinese technique auto massage
– Mindfulness:
Clothes optional
Total respect
Quality of time
Attention and caring
Space holding

Presenter Bio:

Madeleine Fauvinet is living in Motueka where she has a small massage salon.
She draws on her knowledge of various Thaï and Hawaïan techniques.
Mindfully focusing on slow and deep motions, and holding the space with specific music, she leads her clients into connecting with their emotional body, which in turn releases ancient traumas.
Ph: 027 336 6300


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