ManDance - Lunasa 2021


Presenter: Jaime Howell


Peaceful Warrior, Indigenous wild man, Magician and Lover- embody the potency of the primary masculine archetypes. A moving journey into the heart, body and soul of being a resourced man. This is a full bodied dance event only for men.

Aims: To offer an empowering space for men to resource themselves with the wholesome energy of the primary archetypes. To get their bodies/emotions/intuitions moving and alive. To cultivate joy and inspiration.

Outcomes: To offer a warm up, a safe yet potent space for the men to find their way into their alive inter-being bodies. Each archetype with offer you a resource, an embodied tool for standing and moving in your power as an integrated man. We will find a release and contact deep joy along the way. A guided process for men who love to dance and for those who love to dance but who may sometimes feel inhibited. The music will take us where we need to go. I am one of a few males in New Zealand trained to offer Open Floor movement.

Presenter Bio:

Jaime Howell is an Open Floor conscious movement teacher and Director of Opening Minds, an organisation dedicated to nourishing the seeds of wisdom and compassion.
He offers deep wilderness meditation retreats for young adults in service to realising the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. Jaime is a volunteer Director of the Rites of Passage Foundation, musician, poet and keen mover in the ‘Great Turning.’


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