Laughter Workshop - Lunasa 2021

Laughter Workshop

Presenter: Gareth Edwards
Suitable for: adults, teens

This workshop uses laughter yoga to help people connect to ‘unconditional laughter’ or ‘laughing for no reason’. Very gentle activities (suitable for all ages and physical abilities) are shared to help us all laugh for the sheer joy of laughing.

We ‘fake til we make it’ and in minutes we’re laughing like children who’ve forgotten why they’re laughing!

People get to give ‘laughter yoga’ a go in a safe, accessible way and many say they’ve not laughed like that (i.e. free, child-like laughter) in a long time. This helps people reconnect with their inner child, the joy of unconditional laughter and the beautiful connection of laughing that way with others.

Some of the reported benefits include:

Reduce cortisol – the ‘stress hormone’ that gets us edgy and fatigued
Increase endorphins – ‘happy hormones’ that give a natural high and relieve pain
Boost immunity – that helps us fight disease and infection
Stimulate respiration – empties the lungs of stale air and fills with oxygen rich air
Heart health – increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure after the laughing

Laughter yoga requires no previous yoga experience or even an interest in yoga.

Revived and popularised by Dr Kataria in the 1990s, it is the ancient practice of ‘haysa yoga’ – a form of ‘pranayama’ or breathing yoga. Details on how to find out more about laughter yoga and keep on laughing are shared in the workshop.

Presenter Bio:

Gareth Edwards (also known as Ganapati or simply as G) is a musician, writer and coach who runs laughter workshops across the country.

His mission in life is to make you laugh. With him. At him. At yourself. With others.

Whatever it takes to empower you to reconnect to YOU and to one another, so that through those small chuckles, high-pitched giggles and huge belly laughs you can find your path to your purpose and lead a happier, more fulfilled life.

I’ve run these workshops at the last two Luminate festivals and other festivals (Prana, YogaFest, Convergence, Earth Beat). I’ve also run community laughter workshops around New Zealand and at conferences and events.


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