Hidden Magic - Torsion Fields - Lunasa 2021

Hidden Magic – Torsion Fields

Presenter: Karol Laska

Have you ever wondered what kind of magic makes crystals and snowflakes so perfect hexagonal and why some places re-vitalise you and other drain your energy resources? If you are curious what drives it and how a healthy energy balance can be achieved, this workshop gives you hints to look at your living environment differently. We will explore what torsion fields are and how they manifest themselves and impact your life and what can be done to make your living space more subtle-energy friendly.
You will learn:
– What torsion fields are
– How torsion fields manifest themselves in our realms
– How to surround yourself with beneficial torsion fields
– How to identify and avoid destructive torsion fields
– How to achieve healthy life balance with torsion fields awareness

Presenter Bio:

Karol is passionate about subtle energies and their manifestation in different realms. His focus is on geomancy, torsion fields, radionics and consciousness travelling. He has explored torsion fields both through practical experimentation and wisdom gathered from sacred scripts and independent research.


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