Healthy Brain, Thriving Life - Lunasa 2021

Healthy Brain, Thriving Life

Presenter: Malena Hasbun

I will present a comprehensive approach to brain health which will include:
-optimal brain nutrition
-avoidance of harmful things like drugs, EMFs and toxins
-impact of psychological trauma and cultural conditioning and ways of overcoming these
-impact of brain injuries whether through concussions, head trauma, drug use or toxin exposure and ways to heal

I will include a short exercise to encourage self-reflection and awareness of what each participant can do to improve their own brain.

Presenter Bio:

I have 30 years of experience as a GP and Functional Medicine Doctor (a cutting-edge alternative medicine approach based on systems biology), a degree in Psychology and training in Neurofeedback and Neurostimulation as well as Rahanni Healing. I’ve presented workshops at the University of Otago Medical School (nutrition and the brain) and to the public in California, USA (brain health).


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