World weaving workshop - Lunasa 2021

World weaving workshop

Presenter: ILIL Lunkry
Suitable for: adults, teens

Creating from your surrounding natural materials, zero waste aspect.

We will experience sitting in a weaving circle and all that it holds; (Music, stories, support…). We will discuss & embody the essence of the weaving craft.

What does it mean to weave, and create from our surrounding materials?

We will gain an insight of the different weaving from around the world.

We will connect to the main weaving material here in NZ, Harakeke;
Learn about the tikanga around working with this magnificent plant.

Feel & weave with a few different pieces like flowers, Headbands and bracelets.

Presenter Bio:

My weaving journey started 10 years ago. My passion for weaving took me to many corners of the world, sitting with indigenous women in weaving circles and learning their ways of weaving and being.
Today I’m a full-time weaver, selling my art on the street & running weaving workshops around the country. I’m also the founder of the cooperative Tali Tali. A cooperative that works with women from remote pacific islands to revive the ancient art of weaving and empower women through their traditional crafts. Check out


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