Flowing with Fire Fans - Lunasa 2021

Flowing with Fire Fans

Presenter: Katie Radley

This workshops is intended for beginners or those wanting to hone their basic fan spinning skills. I begin each workshop with a gentle warmup and stretches while talking about my fire spinning journey and my connection to fire fans. We then move on to talking about different styles of fire fans, preferences and pros/cons of each style. I then teach a number of basic static and dynamic fan moves and how to link them together, tailored to the groups ability and interest. Lastly I will offer knowledge to those interested to burn for the first time on how to do so safely. My hopes are to have all participants feeling comfortable with grips, body positions and basic flows and leave with excitement to keep progressing in their own time or join me again for the Fire Fans Progression workshop.

Presenter Bio:

Katie Radley discovered her obsession for fire fans while co-creating the the Wānaka Fire and Flow Tribe in 2019. She is dedicated to growing the local flow arts community as a supportive atmosphere for learning, expression, performing together and connecting with each other.

Katie’s style is full of smooth flowy movement and loves to play with shapes and mesmerising sequences. She has taught and performed at Rhythm and Alps, Circulation, Mix Festival, and has curated two unique 9-person fire shows for Renew Arts Festival and Matariki Festival in Wānaka.


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