Exploring the Zenergy Facilitation toolkit - Lunasa 2021

Exploring the Zenergy Facilitation toolkit

Presenter: Kāren Hunter
Suitable for: adults, teens

The purpose of this workshop is to develop our self-facilitation toolkit.

Together we will explore some skills to become potent community members through clear communication and by deepening our understanding of how groups work.

‘Projections’ can hinder our ability to successfully work with others. Musician and Zenergy trained facilitator Kāren Hunter will share a debriefing process that helps us identify some of ways we project on to others.

We will then discuss the ‘Stages of a Group’ to discover how conflict is a natural and necessary part of community life. A mature approach to conflict is the ‘make or break’ of every group.

Zenergy Global specialises in content neutral facilitation training programmes appropriate for all kinds of groups and organisations. The Luminate core crew have benefited from working with the diverse toolkit that Zenergy offers and would like to share some of this powerful work with us all at Lunasa.

Presenter Bio:

Kāren has a Diploma in Facilitation through Zenergy Global and has presented Facilitation workshops several times at Luminate, Evolve, NZ Spirit, Resolution and other festivals around the country. She has presented at the Australasian Facilitation Network conference, co-lead several Zenergy Global programmes and assisted at Master Classes.


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