Exploring the depths of the Mayan Dreamspell - Lunasa 2021

Exploring the depths of the Mayan Dreamspell

Presenter: Vasumi Zjikaa

Over the days of Luminate, Vasumi will share daily one-hour workshops, exploring the beginners codes to the more advanced codes over the days. Bring your questions to explore together and to receive the codes of synchronicity that reveal our unique paths and purposes in this life, from personal to collective. Also exploring the times we are in. These will be interactive workshops with a fair amount of PLAY.
Participants will receive in-depth knowledge to be able to track the codes of the synchronic order in their own lives, gifting enhanced harmony and perspectives on ones part to play in the game of life.
Most days at 2pm in Hauora, tune into the flow …

Presenter Bio:

Vasumi has been sharing these wisdom teachings for the past 24 years nationally and internationally, at festivals and events world-wide. She is a valued wisdom-warrior of codes that reveal the order of time. Since her awakening at the age of 33, spirit guided her to the codes of the Maya as tools to clearly reveal the essence of life itself.


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