Contact Dance - Lunasa 2021

Contact Dance

Presenter: Ayumi Gallagher and Olly Hart

This workshop will be based on the fundamental foundation of contact dance, finding the small dance. We will first begin centreing into our own essence, pulse and internal dance. We will then introduce exercises that will teach people to merge this individual small dance with that of another. Neither through following or leading but through deep listening and surrendering to the new small dance created through the union of two people. We will start through simple movements and slowly work our way up to weight sharing and more exciting lifts, all the while honouring the small dance. This process is not only fun and deeply connected it is also an amazing tool to illuminate our habits and preferences in how we relate to the world. Are we always pushing? Are we always following? Can we support and be supported? Can we trust and surrender? Can we meet each moment with openness, integrity and vulnerability? You will discover all of these things as we journey together. This is an all level workshop.

Presenter Bio:

From living in the mountains of the Himalayas to the Zen temples of Kyoto, Ayumi has gathered together a basket of skills. These journeys and trainings have enabled her to offer a broad range of experiences tailored to unlock and illuminate the divine essence within us all through yoga, dance, meditation and any other means necessary. Currently Ayumi travels the world with her private clients, made up of professional athletes & European Royalty.
She believes wholeheartedly that we are all unique instruments of Alchemy, alchemising our individual experience of life and expressing this into the world. Ayumi teaches internationally, inspiring people to fine tune their instrument, and to play it unapologetically within the symphony of the universe.

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