CONNECTING ACROSS DIFFERENCE (NVC) - Assumptions & Labels - Lunasa 2021


Presenter: Anna Groves
Suitable for: adults, teens

The assumptions we make and the labels we give, both to ourselves and others, have a profound effect on the life we live and the world we collectively create. Throughout our lives, people attach labels to us. Those labels reflect and affect how others think about us, as well as how we think about ourselves. Often the way we describe each other is the result of unfounded assumptions and stereotypes. We regularly apply labels to people whom we barely know or have never even met, and the same is done to us. Therefore, labels represent an influence on our identity that is often beyond our control and hinder freedom.

When we choose to live based on the principles of Nonviolent Communication, self-connection and connection with others become increasingly possible and easy. NVC makes the assumption (a useful one!) that all human beings share the same needs or values and that the strategies used to meet these needs may differ. NVC suggests that conflict occurs at the level of strategies, not at the level of needs. This means that if we can learn to hear the needs behind the strategies, we are more likely capable of connecting across difference.

This two-hour workshop will provide an opportunity to explore how labels and assumptions disconnect and how NVC can support harmony through acceptance.

Presenter Bio:

Anna Groves is an International Trainer for the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) and Somatic Practitioner (BPSA) based in Aotearoa New Zealand. Specialising in trauma, addiction, and teen issues, Anna is known for her down to earth, inclusive approach, her sense of humour, and her raw honesty. She is one of New Zealand’s most active trainers and runs workshops, online courses and retreats Internationally. Anna has a deep passion for living the NVC principles through her whole body. She is also a trained secondary school teacher (performing arts), dancer and choreographer. Anna is a mother of three adult children and lives on the Kāpiti Coast with her husband, Rob.


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